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>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in forage ma thigh. >> i'm jessica aguirre. a 70-year-old grandmother isn't who you think of when you hear about an internet porn lawsuit. a woman who meets that description is one of the dozens of people at the center of a legal battle that should sound an alarm for all of us. jodi hernandez joins us live from san francisco and you got to connect the dots on this one. grandmother, porn, sounds odd. >> delores park is one of dozens of wi-fi hot spots you can use your phone or lap top to log in for free. what many don't realize having the open network open to any one could spell major legal headaches. these two love hanging out at
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delores park and they love the free wi-fi that comes with it. >> it's useful for people and they can enjoy outdoors but be connected to the web. >> reporter: thanks to an internet service company called monkey brains about 100 hot spots across the city are hooked up so any one can access the internet for free. >> it enables people that maybe the disenfranchised not able to access the internet to give them that and also provide a service for the community in a public space. >> reporter: some with open networks are feeling the heat. law firms are going after people whose wi-fi networks may have been accessed by digital pirates who download video and other content illegally. a grand mother got a threatening mother ordering her to pay several thousand dollars. >> you're going to have to come to court and we're going to make this public and everyone's going to know that you are accused of downloading porn or pay me 1 to
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$3,000 and make this go away. that sounds quite a lot like extortion. >> lawyers with the electronic frontier corporation says in many cases people who haven't locked their networks are wrongly accused. but attorneys behind the lawsuits say wi-fi account holders need to be responsible. >> so anybody can walk up and use it to commit download child porn or break in to a bank or do something illegal, all you have to do is spend two minutes putting a password on your account there is a certain amount of well, you need to take certain reasonable step. >> with more and more internet users facing lawsuits many worry the move for free and open internet access will suffer keeping more spots like delores park from going digital. >> reporter: monkey brains the company that is hooked up the
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park to offer internet access for free has taken some safety measures to keep people from doing illegal activity while logged in to the wi-fi network here. but many individuals don't have the know-how. many are now considering password protecting their accounts and perhaps rethinking whether it's wise to have that open network. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the accused picasso art thief pleaded not guiltiy today. mark lugo was arrested for allegedly stealing a drawing from the weinstein gallery last week. police say a surveillance camera caught him leaving the gallery with the painting. the judge denied a motion today to reduce lugo's $5 million bail. >> the bail was set, i believe, because of in all due respect to you folks the overhyped media aspect of the case. as i said when you came out of
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court at the last appearance no one got killed, nobody was assaulted here. >> police did find other stolen artwork including another picasso piece in lugo's new jersey apartment. >> new tonight at 6, a woman is in the hospital in bad shape after police say a cyclist ran a red light and plowed into her while she was walking on san francisco's embarcadero. it happened around 8:30 this morning less than a block from the ferry building. the woman was in the crosswalk when the biker crashed into her. the woman is said to be in her 60s, suffered a serious ned injury. the cyclist did stay at the scene after the accident to speak with police officers. >> the wife of the marin county man swept into a blow hole in maui is talking about the accident that took her husband's life. she told the press that her husband, 44-year-old david potts, was not behaving foolishly. she is denying reports that he was dancing around the blow hole on saturday when a wave suddenly hit him, knocking him into the
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hole. his body has yet to be found. she said there should have been warning signs posted but maui county officials say the location is privately owned and that prevents them from warning people of the blow holes which has its obvious dangers, they say. >> a popular east bay business district may be safer. three months after the death of a community leader oakland's fruitvale district is more equipped to increase safety with cameras. the council purchased 30 to be installed. in an effort to reduce the high level of crime it comes on the heels of the killing ever a restaurant owner on april 8. >> i am very glad that this camera system will hopefully deter some of this crime away because there has been no respect at all by the villains. >> police say they will have full access to the tapes which hold about 30 days of footage.
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>> the formula for success used to be simple. go to high school, get good grades, get in college, do well, get a job, live happily ever after. boy, have things changed with tuition in the state schools continuing the rise many students are wondering about their future. nbc bay air news kimberly tere joins us live from san jose state with more. >> reporter: garvin, instead of worrying about a chemistry final or a 12-page paper on the plants of north america many students are wondering how am i going to pay for this semester and should i drop out because i can't afford tuition. stephanie will be the first person in her family to go to college. >> i think kids these days have to have a college education. >> she is headed to community college, not her first choice but the more economical one. she plans to get her general education out of the way and transfer to cal poly. >> i feel better because i'm going to somewhere that is cheaperment i'm saving now, not
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paying as much as my friends are. if it continues to rise by the time i get there i don't know how much it's going to be. that's kind of scary. >> reporter: the cost is a major concern for stephanie and her mom saving since before her daughter was born to send her to college. >> how do you tell a child that yes, you worked so hard but we can't afford to send you to school. >> reporter: stephanie and her mom are determined to make it happen. >> they are stressed and i understand it. when i was a student fees went up. >> reporter: it appears a lot of students are looking for help. the financial aid and scholarship office is packed with people in the same position stephanie is in. >> there is money, it requires research. >> reporter: the director says they have seen a huge increase in the number needing students through loans or scholarship. >> i know for a lot of people they look and say this is worse than filling out an income tax return. i'm not going to do it. that's what we're here for, to help them through the process and help them find that money. >> reporter: for many students figuring out how to get into
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college and pay is perhaps their first big test in higher education. >> i couldn't be prouder of her and i know she's going to get where she's going to go. it will work out. everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: students at cal state schools are paying nearly four times the amount in tuition they were paying 10 years ago. a recent survey found more high school students are concerned about how they are going to pay for college than about actually getting into one. and how successful they will be once they are there. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> difficult situation. thank you. tonight we know the maim of the woman whose body was found burning in a quiet street in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. the medical examiner's office say she is 21-year-old monica of union city. her body found around 4:30 yesterday on ivanhoe road. police say she was likely killed
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somewhere else and then dumped in that neighborhood and lit on fire. officers say the suspects probably chose the neighborhood because it's dark and secluded during those hours. friends and family of michelle le are still searching for her more than a month after she disappeared. organizers are getting together today and tomorrow to plaster posters where she was last seen. there is now $100,000 reward being offered for any one who can help the family locate michelle. 26-year-old nursing student's car was found near kaiser in hayward. she is as i mentioned was on a break from her studies and taking rounds doing rounds at kaiser. registration to help with the search begins again tomorrow morning at 7:30, there are details on how you can help at our website at >> still ahead, facebook has plenty of uses but how about saving a life. coming up the remarkable on line diagnosis that all came about by chance. >> then the killing of caylee
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anthony inspires a second bill right here in california. >> plus, wildlife beauty lends a bay area man in serious trouble. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our cool summer blast continues. 72 in san jose today. san francisco with 61. those clouds, well, they are going to return to the south bay and in less than one hour the san francisco giants and the padres, they get on the field together tonight at 7:00 p.m. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back! and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99!
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>> supporters say it's no different than teaching black history or women's studies. some are opposed to the new law requiring california public schools to include lessons about the contribution of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community members in
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social study curriculum. traci grant explains more about the fair education law. >> there is important not only for the gay lesbian bisexual transgender student who is will have reason for greater self-esteem and self respect but also for the straight students. >> california is leading the way. the bill he authored the fair education act became law yesterday. as a result all of california's public schools will be required to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual history in their social studies curriculum. students will be taught the history behind artd i facts like the one on display at the museum in san francisco and learn about the lgpt's past and current struggle. >> we teach appropriately there was an african-american man by the name of dr. martin luther king who fought for everyone's civil rights and was assassinated for his efforts. why are we not teaching there was a gay american by the name
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of harvey milk who fought valiantly for everyone's civil rights and was assassinated for his efforts. >> the more knowledge there is and acceptance that there is will really make kids safer and happier during this time while they are growing up. >> rachel norton, a commissioner at the school district's board of education says the district has had a successful curriculum including gay history since 1992. leno says that school districts where gay history has been part of the curriculum bullying has decreased. but one opposing the law says he doesn't buy that argument. in a statement released yesterday he also said jerry brown has trampled the parental rights of the broad majority of california mothers and fathers who don't want their children to be sexually brain washed. he says some misinterpreted what people do in their bedrooms or to out figures. the curriculum is expected thefocus on the gay community's
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past and current struggles for civil rights. >> there is a history component that could be dealt with in a straight forward way. >> the contributions of the disabled are also included in the new law. in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> lawmakers in california continue to apply lessons learned from the casey anthony verdict in florida. now there is a second bill in california dubbed caylee's law more stringent than the first one. there are two competing measure both to punish any one who fails to report a child missing in a period of time. holly mitchell of l.a. is pushing 1432. under that if a child goes missing and his or her parntd or guardian fails to report it in 24 hours felony charges would follow. the bill is more rigid than that by ball cook. >> primarily it's our intention to educate and inform the general public but parents and adults who are guardians ever
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children about what we expect they do in the event that a child is missing or they are concerned about the child having come under some harm. >> both lawmakers must wait to introduce the bills into the state legislature in mid august. casey anthony, by the way, will be free this weekend. the jury found her not guilty of murder charges in the death of little caylee. anthony failed to report her daughter missing after 31 days. >> cuffed and stuffed? a pacifica man is going to serve six months in a federal prison after he was caught in an evening dangered animal's taxi determiny sting. he admitted to selling or offering mounts of protected big game animals on craigslist. they include a bald eagle he sold to an undercover agent. and bears as you can see there, he pleaded guilty in april and must begin his sentence by august 11 and also pay restitution to the fish and
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wildlife service. as to where he got those animals, that part is still a mystery. >> a big drug bust to tell you about in the east bay. more than 3,000 pot plants worth about $1 million you willed. park officers raided the growing operation in a remote part of los trampas park. the growers constructed an elaborate irrigation system to water the plants. today we are told the pot plants were destroyed. >> san francisco is going to have to come up with a new way to shore up ocean beach. the california coastal commission says the city need as long term plan to protect the beach from continual erosion caused by the strong wind and all of our winter storms. the commission unanimously gave a thumbs down on the emergency repairs in 1997 and 2010. environmentalists say the repairs which include boulders harm the beach more than help. the city needs to protect the pipe line and the pumps as well.
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>> time to get a check of the forecast. jeff ranieri is here. not a great day to go to the beach. >> felt like we were at ocean beach everywhere. >> that's what i was going to say. out in the east bay where you are, a lot of the times, the temperatures were pretty reminiscent of what we get across the coast and also the fog to start off this morning. many of you probably felt like you were at the beach. the on shore flow is with us here, 15 to 20 miles per hour at times, strong winds out of the west. and that is keeping us under this cooler flow here for most of the bay area. today, those highs only 70 in san rafael. 70 in redwood city. we did have 77 in the value but that is the outliar. 72 in concord and 73 for napa. 20 degrees below average. fogged in at san bruno mountain, 59 degrees now. as we take you out to oakland we've had breaks of sunshine but
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the low clouds aggressively moving in now with also 59 degrees at this point. we're seeing numbers already in the 60s in the south bay, 69 in san jose. 69 in sunnyvale and 59 in san mateo. so we are setting ourselves up for another cold night. look at this fog that's built up. there's plenty of it. it's going to stay here against the coastline an move in as we head throughout tonight, it's the very persistent stubborn pattern over the past five days. it's not going to budge into your weekend forecast. we have this cool flow with us. jet stream taking an unusual dip to the south. it looks locked down in this pattern, at least through sunday at this point. so we'll start off 40s and 50s in the north bay. by 11:00 a.m. mid-60s in san jose, so you can see where we're going with this. a cool day into saturday. even by 1:00 p.m., eeking out 70 in san jose. 68 in livermore, that's all we can do.
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we may be able to do better when it comes to airport delays. i'll detail that coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, jeff. here comes the pitch to you. we want to ask our very special bay area viewers to help us with their generosity. we're going to be hosting a food drive with our community partners at safeway this saturday. and we're asking for $10 because that will donate a bag of food that will provide multiple meals for a family in need. >> we talk to food banks, they tell us that this summer one in seven children will go hungry during the day, the night, and that's a staggering number. we want to be able to give back and help our customers give back. >> we know times are tough for a lot of folks but we're asking you to give what you can. and of course we thank you for your generosity in advance. our bay area viewers are always so great. we have done these before and people just pour their hearts and wallets out for us. >> we hope they do it again. still ahead at 6:00, bracing for
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carmageddon. we'll take you live to southern california where people are gearing down for what could be one of the biggest traffic jams. >> picking up steam. details on a class action lawsuit against apple involving more than 10,000 iphone users. >> it seems like our bob redell is just about everywhere. now he's doing interviews in space. his conversation with the bay area astronaut aboard the final shuttle mission.
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>> just because you leave the planet don't think you're getting away from it all.
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it's busy at earth's orbit as the final space shuttle mission enters the second week. >> over the past 24 hours astronauts had to deal with a second computer malfunction. a round of 20 questions from reporters including our own bob redell. >> you're just about halfway through the last space shuttle mission ever, you've been working your tail off. finally mission control gives you permission to take a break, catch some zzs. about an hour in the master caution warning goes off alerting you to a problem with the main computer. you must now get up from your deep sleep, such is the life of an astro nauxt seems like it never ends. that computer problem was fixed, a couple hundred miles above earth they are back at it busy offloading supplies on the space station. they took a call from president obama. and perhaps most and challenging of all answered questions from
6:25 pm
inquiring reporters from all over the united states. >> i'm with nbc. my question for you rex, what are your thoughts on the shuttle program coming to an end, what do you think it's legacy is going to be and were you able to spot san carlos? >> i had a chance to see us coming over california. the bay area was foggy. it was spectacular to see the central valley and southern california, a little bit of northern california. the shuttle legacy, that space shuttle had a storied career. what i like to think is legacy lives on. hubble will take pictures, still research on the space station. that's all a legacy the shuttle will continue to live on. for the future i hope as the shuttle is retired the money we would be spending is available to not only continue the international space station research but go beyond and get back in the exploration business where we're going to an asteroid or moon or mars. >> when the astronauts bring
6:26 pm
"atlantis" lack to earth they will use skills from a simulator. that is scheduled for early thursday morning. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> i think bob likes that assignment. >> i once had a chance to do an interview like that and i never got to ask the one question i wanted. they are scheduled down to the second. if they had just five free minutes up there what would you do? anything you want to do. stare out the window. >> panic for me. still ahead why facebook is credited for helping save a young boy's life. we'll have that straight ahead. >> also coming up our favorite word of the day, carmageddon. crews are shutting down the busiest freeway in the country. >> and the new details about what may have led up to that deadly crash involving a shuttle bus. >> i'm damian trujillo in san jose. how some san jose firefighters
6:27 pm
got their badges back. we'll take you inside the ceremony. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this.
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>> first, the city took away their badges, today it gave them back. 22 san jose firefighters returned to the work thanks to federal grant money. how your tax dollars figure in all of this. >> these are the badges the san jose fire chief was forced to take from 49 firefighters laid off last year. >> painful. painful. probably one of the most painful situations in my career. >> that's because one of the laid off firefighters is rubin's son junior. >> for me it was a dream job. always wanted to be like my dad. >> budget cuts forced the
6:30 pm
layoffs. now pay concessions and tax dollars are giving rubin junior a second chance. fema gave a $15 million federal grant to rehire the firefighters. >> it's everybody's tax dollars at work. to me this is the best example of how they should be used. >> grants weren't enough to save the jobs of 66 san jose police officers. they turned in their badges two weeks ago and find themselves hoping to also get them back one day. >> martin. >> 27 of the laid off firefighters found jobs elsewhere. that means san jose is now hiring. and even though the grant is only for two years, the department hopes attrition will help these firefighters keep their badges permanently. the family says it's not all about money. it's also about service. >> i don't know that you can put on the monetary number. >> what you get says the deputy chief are men and women ready to put their lives on the line. damian trujillo, nbc bay area
6:31 pm
news. >> the rehired firefighters go through an eight-week training period to get them back up to speed. that training begins monday. >> tonight we're learning more about the crash that killed a professor in san francisco. investigators are not tells us if the driver of the shuttle bus that collided with the big rig may have run a red light. all of this unfolding at the intersection of octavia and oak street in hayes valley neighborhood. the crash killed dr. kevin mack, he was 52 year old psychiatrist and associate professor. investigators say he was ejected from the shuttle bus and pinned under the big rig. mack died there at that scene. >> a concord man will stand trial for the deadly pit bull mauling of his step-grandson. he faces an involuntary manslaughter charge after a judge increased the original charges in the case. the prosecutors say he left the 2-year-old and his 4-year-old brother unsupervised while the
6:32 pm
aggressive dogs were in their garage. police say jacob's body was found there mauled to death. >> happening right now, drivers in los angeles bracing for what millions of people are calling carmageddon. a live picture over the 405 where crews will shut down a 10-mile stretch of the major artery. >> the mayor of our county's largest second city is telling people to stay away from the weekend-long project while celebrities use twitter to get the word out. nbc's jinah kim joins us where carmageddon is getting under way at midnight. that's always a nightmare. i can't haimagine what it will like when this unfolds. >> reporter: you look at the freeway now, and you think wow, maybe people are getting the message. maybe it won't be a nightmare at all. we will see once the actual complete shutdown happens at midnight as you said.
6:33 pm
really carmageddon starts getting under way a half hour from now. chp is going to begin shutting down the 405 lane by lane until it's closed at midnight. when that happens officials are predicting that it could result in the worst traffic nightmare that l.a. has seen. even in los angeles where traffic coming to a standstill is a daily occurrence, this is unprecedented. >> we'll be on top of this all over southern california. >> avoid the area or stay home. >> reporter: at 7:00 tonight one of l.a.'s critical traffic arteries, the 405 freeway will be shut between the 10 and 101 freeways and stay closed until monday morning, the 405 is so heavily traveled and connects so many tourist attractions and communities that the 53-hour closure is called carmageddon. >> depending on the weekend and
6:34 pm
i expect it will go very, very smoothly we can either say we survived carmageddon or we survived the carmageddon type. >> as over the top that may sound for those affected it's a disaster. >> it's always bad so i can imagine it being the worst in the world. >> no way, no how i'm going to hang o'round here for the most horrific traffic jam in a century. >> reporter: since it was completed in 1961, the 405 has been through a lot, including o.j. simpson's car chase. it's never had a closure of this magnitude. over the weekend, crews will demolish part of the mulholland bridge to make more for more lanes. >> i have an audition in burbank. >> i don't care. >> the event sparked parodies, businesses offering discounts. >> we have tattoo parlors in studio city. a helicopter company in van nuys, dog grooming in malibu. >> and $4 flight specials on jet
6:35 pm
blue. well, so as we were saying, as you can see from the traffic maybe it will be the complete opposite. maybe everyone will stay home and we won't have a traffic nightmare at all this weekend. and if that happens that will be the first time i've seen that in a long time. i'll have this to thank for that. we'll see starting in a couple of hours from now. reporting live in los angeles, jinah kim, nbc bay area news. >> a good weekend to hunker down. topping business and tech headlines. a south korean attorney is suing apple. he has 16,000 people backing him. he says apple violated his right to privacy and caused him mental stress. iphone's location tracking system is at the center of the suit. it hasn't stopped the 36-year-old from using his iphone and ipad. he won $945 in a suit that he took to a south korean court in april. >> if you pay interest on anything, credit cards, loan,
6:36 pm
mortgage, the debate in washington over raising the debt ceiling matters to you. the president issued a stern warning that without a deal to raise the debt limit the amount of interest you pay could go up. that's because the government won't be able to pay its bills due august 3 and groups owed money will penalize. the president will give up funding for some projects but only if republicans are willing to raise taxes on the wealthy. so what is the debt ceiling? think of it as this. you give your kid $1,000 a month to pay their bills but they make financial commitments that force them over so they have to come to you and ask you to raise the limit. if you say no something doesn't get paid. for the kids college it might be book or clothes. at cnbc, for the government it means deeper consequences. >> treasury secretary tim geithner said the government has until about august 2 to get a deal, after that on august 3, the federal government would face a disastrous series of
6:37 pm
choices, have to decide what bills ta pay and what not to pay. because it borrows about 40% of the money it needs to spend in august those choices would be horrific. cut the it bay military, the border patrol, the fbi, does it send social security checks out. president obama said earlier in the week he can't guarantee that social security checks will go out after august 2 if there is no deal reached in washington. >> that was jaime reporting. for more on the power play in washington and the fight over the debt ceiling tune in to "meet the press" this sunday morning on nbc bay area. >> still ahead why bay area soccer fields are proving to be a training field for the women's national team. >> annen expected twist to social networking. how facebook helped save a boy's life. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. cool by all standards for july. walnut creek 67 today.
6:38 pm
we should have 87. and for the east bay the clouds roll back in along with cool temperatures. one thing that these cool temperatures will not stop is the giants, they are here on nbc bay area at 7:00 p.m. more on the coverage coming up.
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6:40 pm
>> social networks have gotten a lot of play recently for damaging lives, mostly through cyber bullying or breaking up marriages. the mother of a boy says facebook may have saved her son's life. >> on mother's day her son was diagnosed with scarlet fever. as his temperature rose she grew more anxious and posted photos. in minutes a friend called urging her to rush him to the hospital suspecting the child suffered from a rare auto immune disorder which attacks the arteries around the heart. two other friends, both doctors, also called with the same recommendation.
6:41 pm
leo now is recovering and is out of danger. >> what we used to do on the phone people do on facebook. jeff joins us now. >> the summer that never was. >> we're complaining. right? >> seem like it? >> i'm trying to process. >> it's friday, come on. give me a break. we do have low clouds out here across oakland now and the cool air. we'll let you know when summertime heat will be coming back in my seven-day forecast in a moment. aximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. ♪
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>> i feel a little bad. that was like a downer with jeff a moment ago. looked at him. made him feel bad. in the south bay the sun was out. it wasn't 90 degrees, it was a beautiful day. what a great weather we've been having. fantastic summer. >> thank you very much. >> he wants something. >> he wants 80 and 90-degree weather. we have that possibly coming in the next couple of days but it has been foggy for a lot of you across the coast, san francisco, the north bay and the east bay. the south bay did get in on sunshine as garvin was mentioning and so much sun it did heat up to 77. 70 in redwood city.
6:44 pm
the san francisco giants on nbc tonight, that is at 7:00, we'll have more on the coverage with our comcast sports net team coming up. we also talked about airport delays, running one to two hours behind at sfo with low ceilings. they can't seem to catch up because we've had five days now of this persistent fog. looks like that's going to stay in place into tomorrow. 59 in san mateo. 69 in sunnyvale. 67 livermore and currently just 64 in novato so a cold night setting up for us with more fog coming back. for the weekend the sun is slow to burn off. 70s inland as we should be well in the 80s this time of year. we're calling the pattern stun born. it's not going to budge for the next three. the fog saturday and also sunday. making it warmer sunday but not hot as we've been mentioning. we all like our weekend to be hot this time of year. most of us. it's not going to happen. we head throughout tonight, the fog comes back, the marine layer up to about 1,000 feet, 1,500
6:45 pm
feet. by 6:00 a.m. the fog for you in the east bay and south bay as sfar out as morgan hill and gilroy. you can wake wake-up the low clouds. sunshine for the east bay, peninsula and the north bay. so not bad once we start to see this burn off. as for tonight we're looking at upper 40s and low to mid-50s and the aids walk san francisco is going to happen sunday. they raised over $1 million. this of course the disease that needs so much help. you can register for individual walks. i think the team organization you know, walking has been closed but you can register yourself by going to their website. all right. on saturday, 74 in san jose, 68 in san mateo, 66 in san francisco. and should also mention it's going to be foggy and cooler for sunday for the aids walk. that's pretty typical for san francisco. 72 napa. the north bay hoe to mid 70s from santa rosa to congressional
6:46 pm
a so ga. if you are traveling they have a great travel section and you can see here we do start to warm up wednesday, thursday and friday. upper 80s to near 90. do i see a smile on jessica's face? yes. >> i'm going to be off. >> it's your vacation. you timed this perfectly. >> thank you. it's so exciting because this sunday the u.s. women's soccer team will play in the world cup final. only the team from japan stands in the way of america's first championship since that big one in 1999. there are plenty of bay area faces on the team. and nbc shows us why the bay area is such a hot bed for top soccer players. >> out to the left side. the united states has the lead. >> far from the i want national stage in germany. >> it's a near miracle. >> where the u.s. women's soccer team is set to take on japan in the finals of the world cup.
6:47 pm
theresa was dialing up her own footwork magic. >> push with the outside right. roll right. >> on an empty soccer field she powered through drill after drill. skills she's honed since joining her first team at the age of 7. >> i look back on it like some of the best days that i had. it was super fun. i got really good training. >> she is a product of the bay area soccer fields. a region known for building soccer stars. bay area youth team like nvla mercury black in the south bay are launching pad for serious players. kids in early teens travel the country competing, drawing attention from college recruiters. it's where noala got her start. >> you develop skill early. >> soccer camps like this one,
6:48 pm
attract players from around the world. >> the good thing about soccer is there is a different level for everyone. if you want that intensity you can have it. if you don't you can have that too. >> reporter: but the bay area has one more secret weapon in its arsenal. the weather. >> it's a privilege to have this weather and be able to train year-round in the sun. >> reporter: if you need evidence of the bay area soccer prowess look to stanford, the university has five current and former players in this year's women's world cup, three for the u.s. stanford's star has her own goal in mind. she hopes to play in the next world cup in 2015. but unfortunately for the u.s., the mexico native would play for country of her birth. >> sunday's game is going to be exciting. >> you have to wait for sunday to watch. but you only have to wait about 20 minutes for the freak tim lincecum takes the mound for the giants here. >> jim is in the newsroom now
6:49 pm
with what's coming up in sports. >> thanks very much. here's what we've got coming up in sports. straight ahead down to san diego for a full report as the defending champs get ready for the padres. plus, are you ready for this, the giants, they give the ball to their ace and the red hot kung fu panda, that's coming up after the break.
6:50 pm
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>> good evening. i'm raj mathai. we have taken our show on the road counting down to first pitch the giants taking on the padres. we are in southern california but you would never know the difference, it's almost like san francisco south, you walk around the streets here and it's teeming with giants fans. when you watch the game listen and watch because when the giants do something well you'll hear a lot of cheers. that annoys the padres and the padres fans that are here. that's the vibe here. as for what's happening on the field and behind closed doors now, the giants actually making a notable move. before the game a short while ago, they put pat burrell on the disabled list. he has a foot injury, his offensive numbers have been unproductive so on the 15-day
6:53 pm
disabled list. the giants had an open spot and promoted one of the catchers from the minor leagues, hektser sanchez. he started out in single a san jose, then got promoted to aaa fresno and now 21 is here in the big leagues. hector sanchez, a switch hitting catcher. the giants need production and they think sanchez is the one to do. hector sanchez is familiar with one of the pitchers, barry zito. he caught for him when he was rehabbing a few weeks ago. we could see hector in the starting lineup as early as tomorrow. that's when zito takes the hill. that's going to do it here from petco park. we continue our coverage, the game a short while from now, but for now back to the bay area and we bring in jim from the comcast sports newsroom. >> raj, thank you. you sound familiar with that gas lamp district.
6:54 pm
giants, after last night's thriller of a win the g-men look to add to the win streak when they send tim lincecum to the hill against the last place padres. timmy, 4-2 with a 1.80 e.r.a., lifetime in san diego. let's continue on with the giants. enters the game 7-7 and some wonder if there is something wrong with the two-time cy youn winner. he has been a victim of a lack of run sport. over five starts the giants scored fiv total runs but he loves pitching in san diego. >> we continue on. hoping to help with some of the run support, pablo sandoval who extended his hitting streak hits the second longest current active streak in the majors and the all-star is four from tieing the san francisco record of 26 games held by jack clark. best known as a former big leaguer, now the giants' third-base coach tim flannery has a different career on the side. a singer songwriter with several
6:55 pm
cds. kate caught up with him at san francisco's connecticut yankee where his stage presence is our exclusive. take a listen. >> it's a grammy song. a lot of these are probably a grammy. this written by a friend of mine, called the restless kind. ♪ i count my blessings >> tim has made a career out of his passion for baseball. when the bright lights of october fade away into the winter, flannery finds time to pursue another passion. >> everybody in my family plays music. we've been playing, singing, writing songs my whole life, my little brother sings opera in three languages. my uncle is a songwriter and was a baseball player, hal smith, played for the pittsburgh
6:56 pm
pirates. i had a record in ireland when you went to ireland everybody in that family plays music. this is part of the package. >> sometimes it's a contradiction, people say you explore the music, the arts or you explore sports. how are you able to balance? >> i never knew you had to make a choice. it's like you want water or air? make a choice. ♪ >> what does music do for you? >> well, keeps me from jumping. we can start there. but i love the song writing part of it. it just makes me feel good, you know. i'm not trying to do anything else with it. people go what are you trying to do? i'm 53 years old. i'm not trying to do anything except play tonight. have a great time. ♪ there will be peace and music that will fill the air ♪ >> i've had everybody try to label it. i had everybody try to tag it.
6:57 pm
i've had everybody try to why are you doing it. why do people golf? i also surf. my passion is life. ♪ >> kind of a kentucky blue grass meets irish dancer sound. really neat sound. myself, i enjoy a good polish polka. play me a little who stole the kieska. >> that's what i suspected about you. >> for a full half hour of jim's whit and sports coverage watch comcast sports central tonight at 10:30. >> coming up in a few minutes on our comcast channel 186 a special edition of nbc bay area news at 7:00. >> nbc bay area looks at the technology involved in nasa's last shuttle mission. >> then we'll see you back here at 11:00. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back!
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